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b Hi. It's Dave again. I just wanted to let you know that in my spare time away from other stuff, I have been writing a few fairy tales for Audible's new series Bedtime Stories for Cynics. So far, Lewis Black read a story I wrote called "Todd the Dragon Slayer" and Maria Bamford read the new version of "Goldilocks" I cooked up. The whole thing is presented by Nick Offerman and it's pretty much good times all the time. I highly encourage you to check it out again and again. And then again. You can do that right here and here. I hope you enjoy them so much. Love you, Dave Hill
Dave Hill Euro/UK Invasion 2016 Starts This Week!

Hi. It's Dave again reminding that if you live in London, Switzerland (four cities!), Berlin, Norway (two cities), you have just hit a street called Easy because tomorrow I get on a plane and begin a two-week stand up comedy assault on all those places. You can find all the dates and whatnot here. I really hope you can make it to a show or two or three. Afterwards, we can share a drink and talk about feelings and such.

Dave Hill

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Dave Hill Doesnít Live Here Anymore

With his signature matter-of-fact humor, comedian and musician Dave Hill explores his increasingly close relationship with his recently widowed father in a series of painfully funny essays you will want to read again and again by the fire, at the beach, in a truck stop menís room, or just about anywhere. Itís your call, really....
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New York Comedy Festival Presents Dave Hill
9:30pm @ Union Hall

702 UNION STREET BROOKLYN, NY 11215 (718) 638-4400 BROOKLYN, NY

I'm excited to be a part of this year's New York Comedy Festival. Come watch me do a nice, long set that will include livestock and fire hazards.

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3rd Nov
New York Comedy Festival Presents Dave Hill @ Union Hall
5th Nov
Janeane Garofalo with Dave Hill @ Stony Brook University
Stony Brook
11th Nov
Dave Hill at First Person Arts Festival @ Christ Church Neighborhood House Theater
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